The consultant’s role is to develop or implement an appropriate intervention program for children with ASD, and employ staff to deliver intensive intervention. The consultant is responsible also for providing leadership to the company.  

Intervention Program
The consultant will use education, experience and clinical judgment in developing on going education to determine a best practice curriculum for children with ASD. To this end the consultant must continuously read literature/research, attend workshops and attend or evaluate the merit of existing professional training programs.  
From this period of study, the consultant will implement or develop an intervention program with quantitative measures to document gains in addition to qualitative measures.  This charting data will be used to evaluate and suggest new goals/strategies for the child's program. 

The consultant will develop training programs for speech language pathologists, team leaders, and behavioural interventionists.  The consultant will also develop a strategic plan (including company promotion and marketing) and develop operational procedures, policies, and standards. Finally, the consultant will oversee company operations to ensure efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources. 

The Consultant will meet and exceed all of the clinical standards of the interventionist, and the managerial standards of the team leader. Furthermore, they will:
• complete a critical analysis of research and practice to determine best practice in ASD 
• complete a program of study to develop or train in a best practice model of intervention 
• complete a program of study to develop and implement appropriate leadership, managerial, policies and procedures, and ongoing efficacy measures within the organization 
• Maintain appropriate clinical caseload by utilizing appropriate marketing, intake procedures and client satisfaction measures 
• Develop appropriate interactions with child, caregivers, staff and other service providers to understand their goals/needs and develop plans to accomplish 
• Analyze progress towards child, caregiver, staff and other service provider goals and maintain, or alter strategies based on need
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