Speech Language Pathologist
The SLP will meet and exceed all of the clinical standards of the interventionist, and the managerial standards of the team leader.  Furthermore, they will develop:
• complete a critical analysis of research and practice to determine best practice in ASD
• Complete a program of study and clinical supervision to develop mastery in R&R intervention
• Complete a program of study to develop and implement standards of leadership, management, thorough understanding of policies and procedures, and ongoing efficacy measures within the organization
• Maintain appropriate clinical caseload by utilizing appropriate marketing, intake procedures and client satisfaction measures
• Develop appropriate interactions with child, caregivers, staff and other service providers to understand their goals/needs and develop plans to accomplish
• Analyze progress towards child, caregiver, staff and other service provider goals and maintain, or alter strategies based on need

• CASLPA certification and acceptance to College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC                                                      
• eligible for  Autism Funding RASP list                  
• Demonstrated knowledge of family centered practices. 
• Excellent oral and written communications skills. 
• Experience working in a multidisciplinary team. 
• Independence and initiative 
• Valid BC drivers license and vehicle. 
• Satisfactory criminal record check. 

• Possesses and is able to apply good judgment and problem solving skills. 
• knowledge and understanding of child development 
• excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills 
• strong desire and aptitude for working with children – warm, caring, patient personality 
• highly committed, reliable and creative 
• open to and able to act on performance feedback in order to improve quality of work and outcome for childclear criminal record search 
• open and clear communication with families and other professionals
• excellent leadership skills
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