Team Leader - No Positions Available at this time
The Team Leader’s role is to ensure that the curriculum developed is being implemented on a regular basis and liase with caregivers. To this end the team leaders hire and mentor Behavioural Interventionists and provide regular diagnostic-intervention sessions. Team leaders schedule weekly sessions to ensure implementation of the program.  Their primary role is to ensure the implementation of the program, not to provide intervention. The purpose of the team leader’s intervention sessions are to review the sessions of the interventionist, replicate those findings and if necessary, propose new strategies or techniques. 

In addition to managing the child and interventionists, the team leader is also responsible for ensuring that caregivers feel like their goals are being met and providing new strategies for meeting the families goals. During session times, families have the ability to meet with the Team Leaders and discuss treatment, interventionists and managing situations at home.  

The Team Leader will meet and exceed all of the clinical standards of the interventionist. Furthermore, they will:
• Use caregiver interview, child observations, and curriculum to develop and implement appropriate intervention goals for child and caregivers 
• Recruit, interview, hire and mentor qualified interventionists and implement quality managerial practices 
• Develop appropriate interactions with child, caregivers, staff and other service providers to understand their goals/needs and develop plans to accomplish 
• Analyze progress towards child, caregiver, staff and other service provider goals and maintain, or alter strategies based on need

Loyst and Associates have developed a very extensive mentorship program for team leaders. This includes: 
• intensive R&R theory and practice workshop      
• extensive R&R video samples to explain the curriculum and daily charting 
• joint sessions with experienced team leaders  and consultants
• video review of sessions 

• At least 5 years experience working in a child care/development facility (at least 2 years experience working with children with ASD)
• Experience supervising staff
• Preference will be given to applicants with University Degree
• Current First Aid Certificate 
• Demonstrated knowledge of family centered practices. 
• Excellent oral and written communications skills. 
• Experience working in a multidisciplinary team. 
• Independence and initiative 
• Valid BC drivers license and vehicle. 
• Satisfactory criminal record check. 

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