Loyst and Associates (L&A) has been providing intervention services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (i.e. Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified, and Asperger's Syndrome) in the Greater Vancouver since 2000.  Loyst and Associates is listed on the BC Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP) list and meets the requirements to design, implement and oversee an intensive autism intervention program for children with ASD. We currently provide intensive autism intervention services in following communities in British Columbia for children who begin services at 5 years of age or under:

David Loyst  t. 604-760-6787 
Surrey, Delta
Read more about our R&R autism intervention team members in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby, B.C. 
We believe that children with ASD learn best when they have daily access to trained interventionists and family members are involved in the process.  To this end, our team provides comprehensive autism intervention, and family support for managing their child's behaviour and implementing intervention goals in their home environment.   Families who are receiving our intervention services are encouraged to enroll in the one-to-one Parent Workshop  to best understand, relate and provide support for their children.
Our team of professionals includes the consultant/speech language pathologist, team leaders, interventionists and administrative support including bookkeeper and payroll support.  All Loyst and Associates autism intervention services are covered by the funds received from the BC Autism Funding Unit. 

What is R&R Autism Intervention?

As one of our workshop participants so eloquently put it: "Children with ASD, are children first ". However, when we try to engage children with ASD in typical ways, we sometimes find that they are disengaged, in their own world, or on their own agenda.  R&R autism intervention has been designed to connect with children with ASD so they are motivated to engage with us.  Our intervention takes into account a child's developmental level, individual skills and challenges, likes and dislikes, to create activities that they enjoy.  As we develop rapport and attachment with the child by engaging in activities they enjoy, we begin to subtly manipulate the "games" to teach them some of the skills they missed along the way.  The child perceives that they are playing with us, but in actual fact they are learning the skills which in turn will help them learn for themselves.  

To summarize,  R&R is an individualized, developmentally based curriculum which teaches social cognition through natural play activities.      

To see examples, please visit our R&R autism intervention videos page.  

David Loyst  t. 604-760-6787 
Surrey, Delta
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