Parenting a Child with Autism
How do I help my child?
Everyone on the planet wants to be seen and heard, but how do you see and hear a child with autism?  This workshop will help you see what is going on inside the child, under their confusing and often, challenging behaviours.  To see through their eyes and feel what they are feeling.
I don’t know what to do!
As you develop your understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder and how that affects your child, you can come along side them in new ways. When you begin to relate to them, at their level of development, you can help them grow into the next stage, and the next.
I’m so worried about them!
Parenting your child in this way will often raise questions about our beliefs about parenting, and ourselves as parents.   If you can make sense of this, your child will grow in ways that you can’t imagine…but ways that we have seen.  We can introduce you to that vision.

What will the R&R Parent Introductory Workshop teach?
  • Research and clinical experience with most of the popular current treatment models to better understand best practice and define core deficits in ASD.
  • The development of referencing and social cognition in typical children and the stages of remediation of these skills in children with ASD
  • Social referencing as a pivotal and prerequisite skill for later developing language , peer interactions and self regulation
  • Research, theory and practice in Behavioural vs. Attachment/Developmental Parenting
  • Pre-post intervention videos
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