R&R Autism Intervention Internship

Professionals working with children with ASD who have attended the R&R Autism Intervention Workshop can receive an intensive week long internship in one of our Greater Vancouver area clinics. Accepted applicants will spend a week observing and providing intervention to our clients under the supervision of our team leaders.  Session video reviews and debriefs will be used to expand knowledge gained in sessions. 

Successful applicants must be able to demonstrate a high degree of skill providing intervention with children with ASD as this internship is designed to teach how to apply R&R autism intervention techniques, not to teach how to provide autism intervention. This program will provide participants a clinical practicum supervised by Loyst and Associates Team Leaders (TL). Interns will initially observe team leaders and senior behavioural intervention staff providing sessions and after 2 days , the intern will provide autism intervention sessions with supervision and feedback. Successful completion of the program can result in certification in all levels of R&R intervention. 

Day 1-2 - The intern will be assigned 5 children at different stages of intervention. The first two days will be spent reviewing charts, observing the TL providing intervention and using video of sessions to discuss strategies and develop lesson plans.

Day 3-4 - The intern will provide intervention with a senior behavioural interventionist (BI). The intern will alternate providing intervention and videotaping the senior BI. At the end of each day, the intern will debrief videos with the TL to discuss goals, progress and future lesson plans .
Day 5 - The intern will complete sessions with 3-4 children and the TL would observe and video the sessions.  


Registration and Dates

To enquire about registering for the internship program, please complete the application form.
Accepted registrants will be contacted to schedule available dates.

      t. 604-760-6787 info@randrforautism.com l VANCOUVER BC 7389 Gladstone Street V5P 4G9
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