R&R Introduction and Autism Intervention workshop

Our most popular workshop, this two day workshop provides a hands on experience with R&R autism intervention and the stages. Following the half day R&R autism intervention Introductory workshop, the intervention workshop describes each R&R stage through a combination of lecture and several video examples.  After each stage presentation, participants get hands on experience by using our activities booklet to practice with therapy materials.  During this practice the consultant circulates through the audience to give individual feedback and answer any questions.  Since registration is limited, each participant receives extensive one to one feedback.  In addition to the activities booklet, participants receive a copy of the R&R stages and charting system.

This R&R Autism Intervention workshop reviews and gives practice in: 
• Research and clinical experience with most of the popular autism intervention models to better understand best practice and define core deficits in ASD 
• The development of referencing and social cognition in typical children and the remediation of these skills in children with ASD including the development of eye contact, gaze following, joint attention, reciprocal referencing in conversations and peer interactions  
• Social referencing as a pivotal and prerequisite skill for later developing language and peer interactions   
• The development of regulation from initial adaptations to the later development of self regulation.  
• Videos of activities for each stage of intervention  
• Hands on practice with intervention materials and activities
Day 1 Schedule
9-10:00am                  What is ASD? Autism Interventions, Outcomes and Research
10-10:45am                 Development of Referencing and Regulation in Children 
10:45-11:00am            Break 
11:00-11:45am            Reference and Regulate - Case Studies - Before and after treatment 
                                  videos - Research Outcomes
11:45-12:00pm            Questions 
12:00-1:00pm              Lunch

1:00-3:00pm  Reference & Regulate autism intervention Curriculum and Binder Overview 
Regulation - Foundations for autism intervention and creating a learning environment 
Stage 1 - Visual Referencing
Day 2 Schedule
9-10:15am        Stage 2 - Early Social Referencing  - Point and Gaze Following 
10:15-10:30am  Break  
10:30-12:00pm  Stage 3  - Other's Perspective 
12:00 -1:00pm   Lunch  
1:00-3:00pm     Stage 4 - Conversations                        
                        Stages 5-6  - Peer Interactions                        
                        Case Studies and Questions
Participants of the intervention workshop will receive: 
• R&R autism intervention Introduction and Scoring Guidelines booklets  
• R&R autism intervention Stages Chart and Daily Scoring Forms  
• R&R autism intervention Activities booklet 

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