Here is link to an interview that Nathaniel set up with his Grade 6 teacher for the upcoming year.  Nathaniel came up with all of the interview questions and set up the time with his teachers.  You can see how he was doing when he was 4 years of age in our videos section.  Way to go, Nathaniel!!
As the parent of a R and R graduate, I can honestly say that David and his team have given our family a life with Bret that has far surpassed our hopes and dreams.  Bret's ability to gauge social situations, ask appropriate questions when he is confused about others and his near-perfect ability to recognize when he may become disregulated has made him into a well-liked peer, student,  brother and son who, many times, even helps others who are upset.   My boy, now 13, is turning into a compassionate, young man who embraces his unique mind and educates others about his struggles and successes with autism.   I know that those critical skills, which our family learned from David's program, are a HUGE part of this life we now live.  Forever grateful!" 
- Rebecca Salmon, 2014  

"David has given me a life with friends.   I'm not sure how my life would have turned out, but what I do know is that I love who I am--life is all good. " 
- Bret Graham, 13 yrs old  
Bret and his mom
" Going with Loyst & Associates was the best decision we've made with dealing with our son's ASD. I had the privilege to attend an information session about the program while we were interviewing various service providers (mostly ABA-based). We were not comfortable with these programs after talking with various professionals (SLP's, social workers and pediatricians) and doing tons of research but it seemed to be the only option out there. Hearing about how the L&A program is developmentally-based was very refreshing and it just felt right to go with the program after meeting Kate and David at home. I don't think my son could endure long hours of ABA-based therapy (40-hrs/week) that involved one-on-one sessions at a table utilizing Discrete Trial Teaching. My son's deficits are mainly on the language and social components and the idea of first developing eye-contact and joint attention as tools to reinforce learning just made sense which have never been mentioned by any of the other service providers we interviewed. Within weeks, we saw our son become more aware of his surroundings, watching and observing and developing very good eye contact and all these in the context of a fun and play-based environment. From a screaming child who was aversive to touch and cuddling, who only catered to his own agenda to a very affectionate child who is aware of his surroundings and could cope very well in public (well-regulated), the changes within months were just dramatic. We went from being the anti-social family because of the challenges our son had in public to being able to manage going to the mall, supermarket, church, playground and parties in a matter of months. It was just amazing.

There is hope, finally and we've never looked back since then. Now our son is just blossoming, being non-verbal at the time he started the program to now being very verbal, social and always engaged and craving other children's/adults' attention and company. Our team is superb - always supportive and genuinely concerned over our son's well-being, so much so, that they are considered part of our family. We credit them with helping our son attain a sense of accomplishment in most aspects of his personal and interpersonal development as well as giving him a sense of independence (eating, toileting, play skills, etc.) that improved our life a great deal.
" When our child started with Loyst Autism Services one year ago he was not looking at us, didn’t speak, and we were unable to connect with him the way a typical child would with his/her parents. With help from their dedicated and professional staff, using a natural therapy based (created by David Loyst) on already researched child development our child looked at us in the eye the other day and told us he loved us and is now communicating his needs. We now see a very bright future for our son, and can’t imagine where we would be without them.  "
" We started with a traditional ABA program, but it just didn't feel right. I had heard wonderful things about the Loyst group from a SLP who I really respect. Making the move was difficult, but it was the best thing I've done for my son so far! I'm thrilled with the support I receive. I feel that I'm not going through this alone! Our son Mikey has progressed from a little boy who just wanted to stand on his head during speech therapy to one who enjoys the engagement of children and adults, and actually seeks out engagement by putting his face in front of other children's faces to get their attention - and smiles at them! He has tons of friends - everyone in his class says "hi" to him. He is watching other children and adults now and is learning from others. The speech is not there yet, but he is starting to come out with appropriate words here and there, and he is communicating with us with gestures, pictures, and a computer device. We still have a long road ahead of us, but I'm confident we will get there with the support of our Loyst team. "
Mikey's Family
"We chose Loyst and Associates because their approach is firmly based in respect: respect for the children, respect for the families and respect for their employees. We believe these three elements are inherently related. Children need to be treated like children: they learn through play and they benefit from enthusiastic, kind, firm adult attention. Parents of children with ASD are good parents who have worked really hard to care for and teach their children and get them the support they need. Interventionists and team leaders need to know that they are valued and know that they can learn and grow in an environment that nurtures their talents and respects their boundaries. 

We have been thrilled with the progress that Joshua has made as he has worked through the Reference and Regulate curriculum. When he was first diagnosed, our layman's understanding of autism had left us with the impression that he would never be able to do many of the things he's now able to do. We feel hopeful and he is clearly happy, and increasingly comfortable and confident in social situations.
Hilary, parent
"Choosing an intervention program for your child with ASD is a daunting task. It is a decision that you must make while still coming to grips with the diagnosis. It is also a decision that you desperately want to "get right." We considered other types of programs, but after learning about Reference and Regulate and talking with other parents with children currently in the program the decision became much easier. Our son was three when we started with Reference and Regulation and he is now 5 1/2. The progress that he has made in his behaviour, communication and overall social skills is truly remarkable. We have had consistency in our team members and are very happy with the contributions of each. We have always felt supported and have had our questions answered in a timely manner. Looking back we know we made the right choice for our child. "
Arlene and Ryan
"I am thrilled to have chosen Loyst & Associates to work with my daughter Laura. I see the pride they take in their work by the look of sheer delight on their faces each time Laura masters a new skill. Our team is supportive, energetic, enthusiastic and committed to Laura's success. With Loyst & Associates we feel we have the right team to help us give Laura the skills she needs to take on the world. "
"I am currently involved in a Reference and Regulate pilot project at an elementary school in Campbell River. The uniqueness of the pilot project is that we are constantly, expertly and critically guided from stage to stage of the R and R program. My chance to work and learn with David has been phenomenal. The one on one mentoring has built my confidence and knowledge of the R and R program. The video conferences have been extremely helpful in targeting technique and method of teaching. Having David visit in person was very helpful - it's so good to see the program in practice at the expert level.

Through the past 3 months of the pilot project, I have seen a 7 year old boy with autism move from being a little boy, seemingly lost in his own world, surrounded by the busy elementary school routines, to being a young boy who is smiling, singing, greeting people, learning routines by watching his peers, sharing his accomplishments with his teachers and becoming curious to the excitement of the Grade 2 year. I feel that through R & R, we are able to send a whole generation of children on the autism spectrum to school, ready to socialize and learn WITH their peers. This is a HUGE difference from what has gone on before.
Pauline Falck, SLP
"Finally! After 20 years of working as a speech-language pathologist I've been shown there is actually a way to make a true communicative connection! I can't contain my excitement. Children with autism deserve the chance to communicate like other children. David Loyst has found the way! "
Bonnie Daudlin, M.A., S-LP (C), Registered Speech Language Pathologist
Here are a few of the comments from the hundreds we have received following our workshops:

Introductory Workshop
"Information about all treatment models was discussed objectively and audience could draw their own conclusion."

"I liked the humour, humility and practicality of the presentation/presenter."

"David, your animation, energy & enthusiasm are inspiring. And you talk REAL. I have so much valuable info to apply in my Centre."

"...the video footage with corresponding explanations were very helpful and encouraging."

"Sensitive and caring, yet very analytical approach to understanding behaviour of children with ASD."

Intro Intervention Workshop
"Most interesting material I've covered in years!"

"Really appreciate the "Humanness" of [R&R] intervention. I found David very entertaining, knowledgeable and passionate..."

"I enjoyed David's humour, intelligence, quick wit, real life experiences and practicality."

"Video examples were very helpful."

"Very cutting edge and innovative ideology."

"Very exciting presentation. This is so relevant to the work I do; it makes so much sense. I'm excited to try it!"

"I liked learning about the social development of young kids and how R&R helps kids with ASD get back on track."

"Information made so much sense in relationship to child development. I can use what I learned to change/improve my skills as an Early Childhood Educator, not only with children with ASD, but all of the children in my care.  It's been years since I've been to a workshop that has given me food for thought".

"One of the most useful workshop I've been to in a long time."

"I like that this approach is "right" with my heart, whereas others make me uncomfortable. I like the fact that children with Autism are children first ."

"I like the philosophy and attitude behind R&R. It's a common sense, kid based program that sees results. I loved it!"

"I thought David was frank and honest about how we could change things in the school system to be a greater help to students with ASD".

"Made me re-think how I am working with a couple of my students. The wheels are turning".

"I loved the layout of the binder/handouts and steps to move through from eye gaze to pointing, etc. Very concrete and makes perfect sense".

"R&R...is certainly the closest treatment approach I've seen to dealing with the "quality of life" concerns for children with ASD.
Workshop Participants
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