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Review three free clips from the seminar below. Click the thumbnail to watch that seminar video clip. You can access the entire 3 hour seminar online at any time by registering here

This R&R autism introductory workshop presents information about the development of social cognition and referencing in typical children and how we use the Reference and Regulate curriculum to treat deficits in children with ASD. 

VIDEO 1 - What is ASD and how is it treated?
The beginning of the workshop reviews research about the core deficits in Autistic Spectrum Disorder, intervention and outcomes.  As we progress, we review new views on research and the possibilities if we focus on the development of joint attention and social referencing.
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VIDEO 2 - Videos of a child before and after 10 months of intervention.   
N was diagnosed with ASD and had limited communication skills and difficulty engaging with peers. After 10 months of intervention, he had significantly improved his social referencing and communication skills.
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VIDEO 3  -   R&R Autism Intervention research.
One of our three research projects is reviewed. This case study investigated the improvement of joint attention and vocabulary skills before, and after 10 and 15 weeks of intervention.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
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