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David Loyst is now co-presenting Parenting 2.0 with Dr. Vanessa Lapointe! Click here for details.  David and Vanessa also have created many segments for

New R&R Introductory and Intervention Workshops are under construction.

R&R services now available in Surrey and Langley.  Please see our Intervention page for details.

What is Reference and Regulate (R&R) autism intervention?
R&R is an program developed by Loyst and Associates Autism Services Inc. in 2006 to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn to:
•    Be calm and flexible
•    Tell people what they want and think
•    Develop true friends and loving, reciprocal relationships with their families

R&R is a developmental attachment approach to intervention.  We determine the child's developmental level in a number of areas (e.g. play, social referencing, language, etc) and we engage the child at that level.  By "playing with a child the way they like to play" we can develop a relationship where children want to learn from us.  This internal motivation from the child provides the best environment for the child to move to the next step in development.  R&R is often play based, because play is the context for learning for children who are at early developmental levels.  Finally, R&R is a relationship first, model of intervention.  We create learning environments where children can feel safe, successful and happy with the adults they are working with. 

Implementation of R&R autism intervention in the Greater Vancouver area has allowed children with ASD to successfully develop the skills of joint attention, social referencing and self regulation. Research indicates that these skills are the foundation for language and social skills in children with ASD.   READ MORE ABOUT THE BASIS FOR R&R

This strong theoretical basis for R&R has been is supported by extremely positive outcomes for Loyst and Associates clients in the Greater Vancouver area. Our ongoing R&R autism intervention research projects are providing additional support for the effectiveness of the program.  READ MORE ABOUT R&R RESEARCH

David Loyst presented the Reference and Regulate autism intervention Introductory Workshop at the annual conference of the Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC) in Whitehorse, Yukon in May, 2010 and at the 2014 SAC annual conference in Ottawa, Ontario.   READ MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR WORKSHOPS.

David Loyst  t. 604-760-6787 
SURREY, DELTA  - 3388 Rosemary Heights Crescent, Surrey, BC, V3S 0K7

...The progress that he has made in his behaviour, communication and overall social skills is truly remarkable... Looking back we know we made the right choice for our child.
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